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Students' Testimonials

"Lizi is extremely patient as I fumble around for words, tenses and conjugations. Most importantly Lizi makes sure I work things out for myself as frequently as I can and gives me the confidence to trust my instincts. Lizi is also very friendly and makes you feel at ease when speaking which for me is very important, as otherwise blind panic sets in and i can't remember anything. Wednesday evenings have become the most rewarding in my week, and it feels good to spend my money on actually increasing my brain cell count rather than decimating them down the pub!"
Tom, Graphic Designer

"I would definitely recommend Lizi's lessons, whether you are studying for exams or for pleasure. She has not only helped me improve my grasp of the language, she has shown me what I can do with it. We have studied newspapers, short stories, poetry, songs and films together, which has been fun, great for my confidence and a fantastic way to learn about Spanish and Latin culture."

Samantha, Fundraiser

"Lizi is a kind and friendly tutor who really makes you feel at ease, her style of teaching is very good and she gave me a much better understanding of Spanish especially with verbs which I found difficulty with. I have no doubt she has ensured that my GCSE grade will improve and I would reccomend her to everyone."
Jessica, Spanish GCSE student

"Lizi is a wonderful tutor and has given me so much confidence to be able to speak Spanish outside the class. She is incredibly patient with me, making sure I fully understand what we are working through before moving on, and going back over certain points in later lessons if needed. Lizi has created a great range of subjects, short stories or themes for the classes and there's a good mix of audio, reading and discussion. The lessons are interesting, thought provoking and fun. I have not only learned a lot of Spanish from my classes, but also improved my English (grammar especially).

Thank you Lizi for being so fantastic"


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